Read reviews and opinions about our first game „A Night at the Watermill“:

A Night at the Watermill offers a rich, compact combination of mystery and intrigue. Its well-crafted tale, absorbing puzzles, and atmospheric setting make it an excellent option for fans of narrative-driven adventures […]“

– Adventuregamers

„The first thing that hit me about A Night at the Watermill is how stunning it looks. It has a hand drawn comic book-style aesthetic which uses cool, moody tones to set the scene. This is partnered with chill music for general exploration, but can turn eerie at the right moments. It’s UI is easy to navigate and it didn’t fall victim to the “pixel-hunting” problem that many point-and-click games suffer from […]“


„Deeply mystifying and slightly disturbing, A Night at the Watermill cultivates a thrilling horror chase where your worst enemy may be yourself.
I was deeply enchanted with the comic art style and the flow of the visual novel. The developers brilliantly incorporate paranoia into the storyline […]
Overall, easily enjoyable with moderately challenging puzzles.“


„Es ist eine Freude, die Schauplätze zu erkunden und nach Details Ausschau zu halten. Man spürt die Liebe, die in die Erstellung der Orte geflossen ist. […]

A Night at the Watermill erzählt eine runde Story, die euch einen kurzen Abend beschäftigt. Das kleine Point-and-Click-Adventure ist ein gelungenes Erstlingswerk, welches in mir den Wunsch nach mehr geweckt hat.“

– Game-2