Press information

A Night at the Watermill

  • Genre: Point-&-Click-Adventure, Storydriven, Horror
  • Developed by: Neon Tales
  • Published by: Neon Tales
  • Planned release date: 2023
  • Contact: hello(at)

It was raining und thunderstorming.
In the middle of the night.
And there happened something …

… something terrible.

At the old abandoned … WATERMILL.

You wake up with no memory. What has happened to you?

Game features:

  • Point and click adventure
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Vast narrative – Experience the story parts by exploring yourself
  • Handdrawn comic-art
  • Thrilling ambience sound and suspenseful soundtrack
  • Short playtime (~45min – 1 hour)
  • 3 different game endings